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October 2009

The way it was…

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Yesterday was Natalie’s 28th (33rd actually) birthday. The past two weeks Natalie’s family has been staying at our home, which means my basement has been host to them. I have no problem with it at all, however I do think it’s nice when I get my basement back. That’s where I am now. In my basement. The kids are upstairs watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. I’m sure they’ll be down the moment I want to play a video game though.

Work is going great. I have lots to do and lots to learn but so far I think it’s going well. I’m even learning how to program better, and I’m finding out that I’m a better programmer than I thought I was.

I just bought Mario Kart for our Wii. That’s a fun game. I can play it in front of my kids and they don’t get scared. I kind of want to play it right now in fact…

Conference Weekend

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Once again it’s Conference Weekend (finally). I am fortunate that I live in this valley where I can sit in my home and watch conference. Though, some day I’m going to have to take my girls down to the meganacle so they can see the service up close. That will be a few years still.
As of now, we’re still planning to purchase the new house in Lehi. I think this week will be the deciding week on whether this is going to go through or not. I looked at some other options online of other houses we could move into and get the same benefits. So far there is nothing that looks right or that meets the needs we have. Lehi looks to be the winner, despite my mothers disapproval.

A New House – maybe.

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A new development of houses is being built in Lehi. A friend from my work has purchased a house in this community and was telling me about them. I’ve been trying to get down to Lehi for a few years since it’s 20 minutes closer to my work. Natalie’s been concerned that her commute will be longer, but for whatever reason this last time we went down and looked she was not opposed to living in Lehi. This is a strange turn of events for me, and I assume Natalie as well. We visited the Realtor (capitalized because spellcheck says it should be. Now spellcheck is saying that ‘spellcheck’ is spelled wrong – I’m not listening to spell check any longer), we saw the house designs and most the designs worked well for what we were after. Unfortunately the house that worked the best is also the most expensive. So, we went back a week later to see what they would work a deal out for and found that they are now offering free basement finishes. Naturally, we had to jump on the deal. We’ve not signed all the papers quite yet – we can still back out, but at the moment it looks like this plan will go through.

Here’s the problem. The longer I think about this the more I’m already missing Daybreak. I live in Daybreak, which is just in South Jordan, Utah. It’s full of very nice people, nice amenities and just a very clean area. It’s perfect to raise our kids in. The new neighborhood looks very nice as well, but it’s not close to anything. The question here is as follows: Am I (are we) making the right move (literally)?

Here’s what sparks the question. I want to be closer to Provo, but not too far from my mother. I couldn’t afford a new house, so I just never really thought about it. This time, when I heard about the place, I decided to go look. Normally, I just ignore the new developments and figure I’m fine where I am. Also, Natalie was not opposed to look and when she saw the place she was impressed enough to consider living there. The basement is going to be finished for us. I got a new job that allows for more money for us. At the same time, we found a way that Natalie’s sister can move into the basement, which will take away some of the money pressures from us in this new house. Everything about the deal is falling in place perfectly to make it seem that this is the best decision for us. I have a policy that I’ll go where I’m supposed to go.

At the same time, I was driving up the Daybreak drive the other day and realized how much I’ll miss where I live now. I have good friends here. It’s clean… I mentioned this earlier. There’s the question… the answer will show up within the next 6 months.

As an amendment to this, my catalytic converter is working great. Master Muffler is a great shop and I recommend them completely for any auto repair needs. They handle exhaust systems, so don’t go there for breaks.

Mr. Muffler, on the other hand, is garbage and does not know jack about cars. They mostly just try to rip you off.