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  • Patience is a Killer

    I have this issue where I know something greater is going to happen to/for me but I don’t know when or what. I’m doing all I can and I’m fulfilling all my requirements the best I can but still, I wait. I have a few ideas of how things might turn out and I make […]

  • What the Atonement Means to Me

    I guess you can call me naive but I always looked at the Atonement as a way to resolve problems that I’ve brought on myself. Like if I make a mistake, get in a fight, steal something, lie, etc (not that I do any is those things) the Atonement is there to assist me in […]

  • Stop Paying Less

    So, I took a two year sabbatical and it turns out I’m just as opinionated as I was 2 years ago. I was thinking about how much I despise WalMart the other day and I’ve determined (without any evidence or facts to back up my claim) that it’s the WalMart mentality of paying lower prices […]

  • I Like What You Like Because That’s What We’re All Told To Like

    I was staring at all the garbage that the kids got for Christmas a few weeks ago and I started thinking about today’s topic. I’m referring to what we (people) like and why we like it. Do my girls like princess stuff because she has a genetic disposition to like princess stuff or is it […]

  • Automation: The Most Annoying NON-Necessity That We All Need

    2 Nephi 5:17 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, did cause my people to be industrious, and to labor with their hands. The topic for this post is inspired by my minivan! My van has powered doors and a powered drivers seat and powered windows. Why would I hate this stuff? This is stuff […]

  • Personal Accountability: The End Of My Rant – Read It Or Don’t

    I was on a personal accountability kick for my past few posts and I wanted to finish it off with this post and move on to my next rants. I’m finding that I’m getting grumpier as I age. I’m actually excited to be that old guy in the neighborhood that’s out yelling at the kids. […]

  • Personal Accountability: Be Prepared To Lose What You Love Pt. 2

    Just to be clear, if you’ve come back and you’re ready for your shake – you get to pay for it. I’m not buying a thousand shakes for you all. I was saying in my last update about Occupy Wall Street and how those in the protest are wearing their designer jeans and driving fancy […]

  • Accountability: The Hypocrytical Stance That Lets Me Judge You

    Don’t judge me for who I am. I’m no better than you and you’re no better than me. I’m to the age now that I can talk about my past and say things like “when I was a kid we did ______”. For example, when I was a kid eating out was rare. I mean […]

  • McDonalds Lottery (Monopoly) Finally Comes To A Close

    I had a discussion with one of my co-workers about bringing a lottery to Utah. Morally I’m opposed to a lottery because it’s just another way to waste money looking for a dream rather than saving money to get through leaner times (like now). Arguments against me include the need for the funding for schools, […]

  • Finally Ran The Night of the Running Dead 5K Run. Redundant

    Last Saturday was the Night of the Running Dead 5K Race, finally. I say I hate running and I’m not kidding, but I do like running the 5k Races. I only have to run for 30 minutes and it’s over and it’s always like a party afterwards. This year I ran alone… that is if […]