In the entire universe there have only ever been a handful of web pages that have a real purpose. One of these pages would be Chuck Norris Facts. Where would we be without the definitive list of ‘need to know’ facts concerning the master of martial arts?

Of all the web pages out there I would guess the most important web page ever would be  Not only does it bring to the web the most important theology across the Earth, it also helps me prepare my lessons when I have to teach.

Beyond these few important pages are all the rest of the webpages of the world. This page is one of them. The fact that you’ve continued to read this far implies that you really have nothing better to do with your self. If you don’t mind, allow me to suggest planning a vacation. Naturally, your first stop to begin planning this vacation would start with If you’ve not been to Disneyland, prepare yourself for a very expensive, but fun vacation.

This page isn’t about purposeful pages. However, without a purpose to a web page there is nothing that would justify it’s existence. Without a justification of existence most things (or people) would just disappear. Just like my interest in writing any more to this article.