Again, this is for my benefit – not yours

This is an attempt to summarize what I’m getting from my studies. With each chapter I read, I will attempt to answer 3 questions. Hopefully this will help me learn more than simply reading.
What To Look For:

  1. What is the doctrine?
  2. What are the blessings?
  3. How do I get the blessings?

Starting with Ether because that’s where I am right now.

Ether 3: This is where the brother of Jared see’s God. As he prepares to travel across the ocean in vessels that will be completely shut and dark he prepares rocks out of molten rock (like class rocks) and takes them up a mount and asks that the Lord touches the rocks. The Lord complies and as he touches the rocks the brother of Jared see’s his finger and later see’s the Lord in the flesh. He is able to see the Lord because of his absolute faith in God.

  • The Doctrine: Have faith in the Lord.
  • The Blessings: Through faith all that the Lord has can be ours
  • How do I get the blessings: Work hard to build my own testimony of the Lord.

Ether 4: This is the 4th chapter and Moroni is commanded to seal up the records from the brother of Jared. Now I’m curious what’s happening in those records, and what the remaining 11 chapters are going to talk about.

  1. The Doctrine: Exercise faith in the Lord.
  2. The Blessings: Greater knowledge will be given.
  3. How do I get the blessings: Gain the same faith that the brother of Jared had.

Ether 5: In this chapter we learn that three witnesses and the Book of Mormon itself will stand as a testimony of itself.

  1. The Doctrine: The witnesses will stand against the world at the last day.
  2. The Blessings: Eternal Life
  3. How do I get the blessings: Stand with God and not with the world.

Ether 6: The boats go across the water and land in the promised land (North America). The people set up camp and try to elect a king. Everyone turns it down but one guy. The people live righteously.

  1. The Doctrine: God gives liberally for those who follow Him.
  2. The Blessings: Prosperity
  3. How do I get the blessings: Praise God for everything

Ether 7: The new king has a bunch of kids. One of them rebels and causes a lot of problems. The problems caused end up fulfilling a prophecy given earlier. In the end order is restored and righteousness prevails.

  1. The Doctrine: The work of God will continue
  2. The Blessings: The Lord stays on your side
  3. How do I get the blessings: Choose the right.