I’m not a huge fan of bratwurst but I do enjoy a good jalapeno bratwurst every so often. I was passing the meat department at my local grocery store and, as always, I had to stop and look. There I found some nice bratwurst and since its been a while since I’ve had a nice brat, I bought 4 (each a different flavor). It did occur to me that I was preparing to write another post that dealt with weight loss while I was selecting from the 9-10 varieties of bratwurst they had, but ultimately I’m not the best example for hard core weight loss. If you’re keeping track of your Weight Watchers Points 1 bratwurst is 9 points. That’s fairly significant since I only get 50 points per day. In the same visit I also got some nice breakfast sausage links, which I had for dinner tonight. All of this still fits in my diet plan though. I just have to add in a bunch of salad and veggies to match the rest of my requirements.

I don’t actually intend to make this post all about bratwurst or any specialty pork product. My real point here is that Weight Watchers allows me to eat what I want and stay within their weight loss structure. It’s not simply about the points. The points simply give the boundaries for where to stop. There are other basic components that go into the diet. For example, you need to get a minimum of

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • A minimum of healthy oil
  • You need a lot of water
  • Exercise… ugh

They had to put Exercise on the list. I’m fine with watching what I eat but exercising is so annoying. Time actually slows down when I know I’m exercising. Not to mention it’s winter and getting outside isn’t as convenient. I can go to the gym but running on treadmills is as thrilling as a 12 hour drive with young kids. So, I’m not doing so hot on the exercise, but I’m doing my intake requirements fine.

I wanted to have a salad the other day but we had no salad dressing. I improvised and used salsa. Salsa on my salad! What a little revelation that was! I can finally eat salad and have it be good for me. Now I’m wondering if I can do the same thing for hot dogs.