The other day I was sitting at my desk with a box of regular Triscuits. The stats say I can have 6 of the crackers for 3 points. This means I better really enjoy these 6 regular Triscuit Crackers. Since I didn’t have any cheese available I grabbed the next best thing – Tabasco Sauce. What a surprise that was. Spicy Triscuits are fantastic. From there I moved to Tabasco Wheat Thins which was equally delicious.

Triscuit + Tabasco = Yumm!As far as taste goes, cheese would really be better than Tabasco, but Tabasco has the power behind it. The spice also clears out your head! I typically get a cold about this time of year and it stays with me until the winter ends. I noticed last week, as I was eating my Tabasco covered crackers, that I could breath amazingly well. The Tabasco had cleared the symptoms from my cold and it did it better and faster than any pill I’ve ever tried. This wasn’t a full-on cold of course, but the results were amazing anyway. Now I’m a little anxious to get a real cold, bring it on, full strength! I’ll switch up to Tabasco with habanero.

I decided to check out this Tabasco Diet online to see if anything is actually backing this up. I found something:

“Spices are usually not recommended with diets or, for that matter, to anyone whose main concern is weight maintenance. However, there is one such condiment that can be added to meals and that, besides making it tastier, also helps burn more calories by boosting the metabolic rate. A recent study indicates Tabasco can do all this – but that’s not to say we should start pouring it on everything.”

So, now I have unconfirmed evidence that Tabasco actually does help with losing weight! I’ll continue this newly found diet of mine this week to see if it goes anywhere for me. I doubt I’ll see results. I just made a batch of caramel popcorn and peanut brittle to give to the neighbors, which means there will be some left over for me.