Ever wonder when the right time to start a new custom web design is? The answer is ‘as soon as possible’. The past few months have had me flooded with calls about ‘is the site going to be ready by Christmas?’ or ‘I need my site done YESTERDAY! I’m loosing Christmas sales!’. If you have a plan for a Custom Web Design, or especially if you plan to have custom web programming or development done for you I suggest getting together with your web developer as soon as possible.

The possibilities of under-planning your site are almost endless. The glitches that you can run into during development are equally as endless. I’ve watched as sites start out as business listing sites and mid development the client decides they would prefer to have an auction site. I hope you can see how this would cause problems with the development time. I’ve had sites delayed for months while we wait for the client to decide what they want to accomplish from their site. It might seem obvious to decide what you want to do with the site before you get it but far too often I see my clients get an idea in their head and rush to have their amazing idea brought to the web. After a few weeks, while we’re developing it they think of all the other amazing stuff that the site could do. This is when they run back and let me know all the new functionality that they never stated before. This is also when the price goes up and the client gets upset at ME!

Making a well developed website is not as easy as it may seem. There is a lot of planning and thought that goes into making a good website. As a developer we try to think of all the scenarios that the visitor might run into while on the site. We can’t always think of everything but we come close. When a wrench is thrown in the machinery of web development all it does is cause delays. All this comes down to the idea of simply figuring out what you really want before you contact the developer. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and even more money by taking the time to plan out your website first, give it a few days and look over your plans and make adjustments accordingly.

It’s even more important to know that the first version of the site will most likely fail. You should plan for that as well. With all this in mind you can see that it’s a very poor idea to go to your web developer as the year ends and expect that your site will be done by Christmas. Some sites take a few years to perfect, that’s just a natural fact for web development. All you have to do is look at a few examples, Facebook.com, Ebay.com Amazon.com, etc. All these sites are continually changing and growing even though they’ve already proven to be successful sites.