I’m driven by learning, creating impressive projects and applying clean code to get the most from my work. I’ve been developing over 10 years and most of that has been in PHP/MySql – the LAMP stack. I’ve served in several roles in my career including small customization to large scale SAAS applications. I prefer to develop a site with a solid UI and SEO in mind. I love learning new technologies and new ways of developing sites. I’m easy to work with and I think I have a good personality.


Web Developer August 2012 – Present
March 14 – present
Lodgable.com is a vacation rental agitator that manages bookings and calendars across several online travel agencies. Our team uses Zend on top of Cake and AngularJS. My role is working across most areas including making the API endpoints (Apigility), database work (Skipper) and the core application. I did a little in the front end, but my work there is limited.

August 2012 – present
HCGDiet.com and BlueEarthNutrition.com responsibilities include moving the sites from Magento to WordPress with WooCommerce. From there my role was everything from the server admin to maintenance and customization.

Both are sister companies working under the same roof

Urban Paddle
May 2012 – July 2012
Development of a custom site (urbanpaddle.com) using Python and Django as the framework. Responsibilities included making the UI work together and to try to bulletproof the site. I also put an emphasis on solid SEO. My experience with Python is limited but the exposure I had showed it was a pretty fun language to work in.

Web Concepts, LLC
May 2011 – May 2012
Custom development of a variety of sites focusing on SEO (most clients came from SEO.com). Assisted customers with getting what was best for their site. Developed strategies to accomplish what the customer needed, and built the new functionality watching for scope creep.

Hit Web Design
April 2007 – March 2011
PHP Developer and Supervisor –
As a developer I worked mostly the Zend Cart shopping cart framework. However I also did several custom sites. We made modifications to the cart that could be resold to customers and easily applied to all our customers. As the supervisor I Assisted with customer calls, verified that work was moving along smoothly and fixed the bugs that arose. Developed custom websites and advised customers concerning what they needed on their site. Also ran progress reports, assisted customers, slowed scope creep, tried to give the best customer experience that I could, tried to keep the team moving forward and happy.

Previous to development I worked in the call center:
Customer support team level II -> Customer Retentions –
Hit Web Design was a custom site shop. We had thousands of customers who all needed solid sites. Often times the customer didn’t get what they thought they would get and that’s when they called me. My role was to save the customers and make them happy with Hit again. I accomplished that by digging in and doing the custom work they needed as they watched and in the times that wasn’t possible I negotiated with them on a resolution.


2001 Graduated SLCC with Associates of Science
1999 Graduated Certified Careers Institute with programming certificate

Frameworks include WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Zen Cart
Technologies include: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Javascript, CSS3, HTML, Photoshop