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  • Hot Sauce: Prevents the Cold, The Flu and Bland Taste!

    I’ve never been one to get sick easily. However, every year during the winter months I would get a cold that would last for at least a month. My annual Cold was never bad enough to shut me down or cause me to miss work, but I would prefer to simply not get sick if […]

  • Distant Cousins and my Neighbor

    Last weekend I was on Facebook and I added my neighbor, Kari, to my friends. Kari accepted my friendship and when looking at the friends we had in common (expecting only to find ward members) I saw that she had my cousin Monty on her list. Monty lives in Las Vegas so I was curious […]

  • Nothing Special This Week

    This is the third week that I’ve had the Cellulitis in my leg. It’s much much better now. Though my leg is still swollen pretty big. I went to the doctor and she cleared me for running and living a normal life again. Over time the swelling will go down. Beyond that the week was […]

  • Cellulitis – The worst infection you’ve never heard of.

    Last Tuesday I woke up with the worlds worst flu. I can’t confirm that it actually was the worst flu ever, but it was the worst flu I’ve had in many years. I could not function and I called in sick to work for the first time in 17ish years. I’ve called in before but […]