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  • Salt Lake 5k – revisited

    It’s a week since the Salt Lake 5k. I managed to not come in last. My time is 35 minutes flat, which works out to be 11ish minute miles. Have I mentioned I’m not a runner? In fact I can’t stand running. I also can’t stand going to the gym or doing any kind of…

  • A New House – maybe.

    A new development of houses is being built in Lehi. A friend from my work has purchased a house in this community and was telling me about them. I’ve been trying to get down to Lehi for a few years since it’s 20 minutes closer to my work. Natalie’s been concerned that her commute will…

  • Daybreak

    Daybreak and REI – Life is getting good, though I’m still not a fan of the HOA.