A New Employer and The Boys Are Gone!

I’ll start with the boys being gone. We had some foster kids in our home for about 9 months or so. I thought foster parenting would be similar to raising my own kids, except that the foster kids would respect us. I imagined us going out and doing fun things with the kids and hopefully making the transition to living with us easy. Instead they were just a bunch of kids running around ruining my house. I never got to keep the house clean, it was never quiet and winter sucked even more than normal. Unless you’re the most patient person ever I don’t recommend becoming a foster parent. It would help also if you had a really big house that you didn’t care about… and don’t take on 3 extra kids at once.

The parents were able to take the kids back a few months ago. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that so I am now. If I did mention it in a former post and you caught it than congratulations for returning to this blog a second time, you clearly don’t have much to do with yourself. I think it’s great that the parents got their kids back and it couldn’t have come at any better time, just as my employer was going belly up. I know I mentioned that, so did the news and a lot of other former employees. There are still employees, including those who quit before the place went under, who are still complaining about it. The place has been closed for close to 2 months and they just keep complaining, like it’s going to get them there money.

Enough of that, lets talk about my new job. It’s the most exciting thing I can talk about. First, the events that led me to my job, it deals with my history at HIT, but this is not about HIT. When I was asked to be the supervisor of the programing team it caused me to associate with the PM team more often. As the company began to die many of the members quit and got a position at another place. When HIT died I tried to help build up ISO but that didn’t take off so I quit there as well. It was then that I was offered a position by a friend I made at HIT.

The job is awesome. The management cares about the employees. It’s a laid back environment, but they push to get the work done. They have awesome health plans, I can wear shorts and sandals to work and I’m salary so I can work as much as I want and not feel like I’m taking advantage of the company. It knocks 30 minutes off my commute and if I need to I can work from my home (like if I’m sick or something).

My work is to customize  a variety of different websites on a lot of different platforms. So far some of the easiest jobs have turned out really confusing because of poor programming. Other stuff has been moderately easy, when I thought it would be difficult. I get to work in a lot of platforms that I’ve been hoping to get to know. Honestly, it’s just what I’ve been looking for for a long time. I get to learn what I’ve been hoping to learn and work in an environment that I’ve always wished I could.

The only thing that could make my situation nicer is if my former employers would pay me, or respond to my requests. Actually, there are other things that would be nice, like if the weather would make up it’s mind about just being summer already. Either way, I’m making turkey burgers tonight.