After 37 Years I’ve Decided I’ll Never Amount To Much

I’m into my 38th year now and I’m not annoyed with it, though I did think I was younger. I’ve met many people and got to know them pretty well. I looked to their advice because they were older than I and therefore they had more experience. My delusions were shattered when I found out I was actually older than them. What a kick in the face that was. Now I’m supposed to be the older and wiser person. Big Pancakes - too many, but goodThe problem with this is that I’m an idiot. The bright side to being an idiot is that I made too many pancakes this morning, and I like to play with my camera!

I’m not saying that I haven’t accomplished much, I think I have. I’m a certified advanced SCUBA diver, along with my wife. <sarcasm> Having the certification to SCUBA dive is awesome and it’s really convenient to have since I live in Utah and all </sarcasm>. I actually had to get the certification after I found a lake out near Wendover called Blue Lake. It’s a fresh spring that divers from all around can go to any time of year. Even in the dead of winter it stays warm. I was out there on a scout trip and saw all these divers heading to the lake. I spoke with one of them and he explained that more people should get into it. So I did. It counted for credits I needed in college anyway.

Among other things I’ve done is get my programmers certificate. I only wish I knew that any monkey could copy a programmers certificate off their home computer and hand it out before I paid all the money for it. I also decided I wanted to be a fire fighter (passing this certification was much more satisfying than the programmer certification). Along with the fire fighters certification I also got my HAZMAT certs and CDL-B license. I even passed the EMT course. I think I would have done well as either an EMT or a fire fighter, but I wasn’t fortunate enough to get on with anyone.

It’s What I Do That Defines Me

All in my FamilyMy life is as it should be though. I have a good job that has a bright future. I have an awesome family that lets me stay down in my hole writing this blog while they’re upstairs making my cake. Kitti in danceMy girls are in dance and seem to love it. One day I intend for at least one of them to get into softball. I’m assuming that will be Kittie, though Bobbi would have the attitude to intimidate the other team.

The year in review includes taking on foster kids which more than doubled my family, Considering alternate employment (but Staying at my current employment), taking on an army of upset customers (and winning most of them over), running the Salt Lake 5K (which I was told was too short of a race the other day – lies), Signed up for Night of the Running Dead race (but couldn’t run it as I was watching the kids that day), won a trip to Moab and loved it and that about sums up my year. I’m so boring, and I love it.