Bear Lake 2009 – Too Much Grass

Bear Lake is the nicest lake in Utah. I say that based on my not actually visiting every lake in Utah, but of the lakes that I have I prefer Bear Lake to the rest. We took a trip up there just a few weeks ago (July 20-21) to camp on the beach and have some fun at the lake. The camping spot we got was right next to the beach. In fact, it was less than 20 feet from the beach. Unfortunately the water was about 200 yards from the water. We spent our days on the public side of the lake.

What makes the lake so nice is that it’s very clear and very blue. The water is also slightly cold, but in a warm way. When you first touch the water you jump back and tell yourself that you are not going in there. Then as you push yourself to get in further you start to find that it’s fairly warm water and eventually it’s warmer in the water than it is out of it. The lake level was low. It’s been low for a while now. We need a few years of lots of water to get it back up. Between our camp spot and the lake was 200 yards of very tall grass and where that met the water there was no beach at all. This is why we had to spend our time at the public beach. Unfortunately so did everyone else. The beach was a little crowded. But, it was still fun. I won’t go into much detail in this that the pictures can tell.

Camping at the beach was nice as well. The weather was perfect. I wasn’t sick. Mom made taco’s for dinner. We sat around a fire speculating about satellites. Did I mention the stars? There was no moon that night so the stars were endless. You could see the Milky Way in all its glory.

The morning came and I was doing breakfast again. This time I did traditional pancakes, bacon and eggs. Everything turned out alright then we headed into town. After wasting our time down there we headed back to the beach and spent the day doing nothing at the beach. I love Bear lake.

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