Cellulitis – The worst infection you’ve never heard of.

Last Tuesday I woke up with the worlds worst flu. I can’t confirm that it actually was the worst flu ever, but it was the worst flu I’ve had in many years. I could not function and I called in sick to work for the first time in 17ish years. I’ve called in before but it was when my kid broke her arm, or when my other kid was born and such like that. I spent that day in bed. I woke up on Wednesday with the same symptoms and had to miss that day as well. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and was informed I had the flu and was very dehydrated. They put an IV in me and got me back in shape enough to drive home. On Wednesday evening as I was getting ready for bed I noticed that my entire lower leg was completely swollen and red. I thought it was a reaction to the drugs they gave me so I went to bed. The next morning my leg was not any better, but I was. I felt almost to 60% of what I normally feel so I decided that was good enough to go into work with. I got to work, spent 4 hours on the brink of throwing up and left at noon. I headed straight back to the doctor to show them my leg. They looked at it like it was something that they had never seen before. They marked the edges of where the redness ended and measured everything. My right leg was much fatter than my left. Natalie made fun of my cankle. The doctor sent me up to Alta View hospital to get an ultra sound to be sure that I didn’t have a blood clot. If you are curious, I didn’t have a blood clot. At the InstaCare they also gave me a prescription for some antibiotics and I got a few shots. The nurse who did the shots was amazing. Everything went in smoothly and I couldn’t feel a thing.

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I was diagnosed with a skin infection called Cellulitis. Apparently it’s a very common infection in the medical community, but nobody else has ever heard of it. I got this diagnosis last Thursday and I’m still suffering from the infection. However, it’s getting much better. I can now at least get up and go where I need to, though standing still more than 2 minutes causes my leg to get really sore. Even sitting down without my foot up is bad for more than 5 minutes at a time. The images below are the first few days of the infection. We didn’t get really good pictures, but you can see the area. The infection covers the other side of my leg equally to what you see here.

So, going along with expenditures. I visited the InstaCare 3 times. The first for the flu, the next to were related to the cellulitis. Each visit I got at least 1 shot and two of the visits got me an IV. I also got the ultrasound from Altaview. I have the bill for the first 2 visits and the ultrasound. The bill racks upwards of over $1400. Amazingly I’m only responsible for so far what looks to be about $500. I find this to be amazing because just last month we changed our deductible to the $2500 plan, which still costs us $400/month. Insurance is getting to be a joke. I’m glad I have it at least.

With the recent car issues and this I’m looking at around $2000 I just lost. I know that this is a lot of money. At the same time I know I do the best I can to follow God’s commandments and I pay a full tithe. God will look after me and He’ll make sure my needs are met. I’m not upset at the loss of funds, though I’m a little annoyed. This just means that something is coming up that’s going to be great for us, because I always even out.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3