Christmas is Over, We’re Done With Santa, When do I get My Nap?

As you can imagine, the past few days have been busy. My basement is now a flood of toys, the kids are as hyper as ever and there’s so much junk food in my house I could start a used candy store. I don’t have enough room in my garbage can to throw away all the garbage that I have. I’ve done enough shopping over the past few weeks that I don’t feel a need to go out any more – at least not for a long time. Today is Sunday, the last Sunday of the year. It’s also my last 9am church session for 2 years (unless we move). I got a video of Gabe with his new toy while it destroys his other new toy.

Moving isn’t in our near future, but I would really like to be closer to my work. My commute is 45 minutes on a good day. With winter here, the commute is longer most days. The construction doesn’t help either. Living in Lehi sounds nice. I just need the funds to get a home that Natalie would approve of. Where I live is nice though. Our neighbors are fantastic, the kids have plenty of good friends and I have a Home Depot right down the street (not to mention an In and Out Burgers).

I’ve noticed over the last few months that I’m fairly cynical. I didn’t used to be this way and I’m not sure what caused the change from my old self, but I’m not thrilled with the new side of me. Every time I make an active attempt to be more positive I can only hold it for a short time before somebody (typically the kids) do something that sets me off again. I’m much more stable when I’m constantly annoyed with everything around me.

On a more positive note, I’ve found audio books to be amazing tools to relieve the stress of I-15. I’ve listened to a small library now and the time really goes by much faster than it seemed to when I was just listening to the radio. My current books are the Percy Jackson series. It’s just a fun set of books that bring to light the Greek gods and their demigod children. The story is another one of those things that I wish I had thought of, but didn’t, and now it’s too late to do it because someone else did. Even if I had thought of it, I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

To sum this up, I see hope in the future for the boys and my family. I would love to take my girls on a trip to the redwoods in California in the spring. I’m excited to go camping this year. I am more positive than I show, but if you were to speak with me you wouldn’t see it.