Disneyland 2010

This blog is about Disneyland. More to the point, it’s about our trip to Disneyland. To be clear, Disneyland is in California and Disney world is in Florida. I have to make this clear because a few years back I was going to leave something hidden in the park and a friend told me he would be going there in a few weeks was to find it. It turns out that he was going to Disney World, on the other side of the country. Until then, he was not aware of the difference of Disneyland and Disney World.

Aubrey has just turned 4 and Mackenzie is now 2 (soon to be 3). We had intended to take the kids to Disneyland when they were a bit older, but since I had to get out of town I made the trip for now. It turns out it was a good idea. The girls loved the trip, the weather was great and I got a vacation. I won’t go into details about the park. If you’ve been there, you know. If not, you’ll have to go there some time. needless to say, the girls got to meet a few princesses and Mickey and a few other characters. They loved the rides as well. There’s a small roller coaster in ToonTown that we took the girls on. I was slightly afraid that Aubrey would be scared of the ride (she seems more timid than Kitti) but she loved it and made us go on it again and again. I also took the girls on the Haunted Mansion (against Natalie’s wishes) and Pirate’s. Pirate’s has changed since I was there last. I don’t like that they’ve made it all about Jack. The Haunted Mansion was still cool though. Bobbi made me take her on that again as well.

My parents went with us which made the trip better since Natalie could go on a few rides that she wanted to that the kids would not be able to go on. They chose the financially responsible way to go and brought food. I chose to buy food at the park because I didn’t want to carry anything around with me (I hate carrying anything around with me – anywhere). In hindsight, I would do as my parents did. The food at Disneyland is not good but it is expensive, like it should be good, but it’s not.

After 3 days in Disneyland we chose to go to the beach. We headed to Huntington Beach for the afternoon. I love the beach. I find myself wishing I was in water. I’m not a quick swimmer by any means, I’m more like a whale. I get where I’m going, but everyone else gets there faster – I eat krill as well. The beach was empty. It seems that people just don’t want to go to the beach when it’s 70°. Coming from a land where the temperature has averaged 40° we all thought 70° sounded fantastic, which it was. The water felt cold, but you get used to it after a while. Unfortunately, I didn’t go swimming. I just played in the ankle deep water. The girls had a blast there as well. They found all kinds of shells and dead things.

The next day (Friday) we headed home – to St. George. My parents did the full trip, which I wish I would have done. We stayed the night in the in-laws place and left the next morning. The weather on the way home was a storm that covered Utah. Parts of the road were pure ice and a lot of cars were having a hard time with it. many had slid off into the middle between the two roads. People give small cars a hard time, but we made it just fine. It’s not the car, it’s the driver (me). However, it would have been nice to have the Escape for the trip. The extra room would have been really nice. I think my next trip will be to see the giant sequoia’s.

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