Independance Day and Balloons

This morning, July 3, the kids, the wife and I got up early to head down to Provo for the Freedom Festival. We were aiming to get there by 6:30 am to watch the hot air balloons inflate and lift off. Instead we got their just as the balloons were lifting off, they were about 50ft off the ground at the time. I quickly pulled out my camera and took as many pictures as I could. We then went to breakfast at the IHOP and came home. I would put the images of the balloons up but instead of pulling them off my camera, I deleted them. I’m awesome.

Saturday, July 4th

We got up early and headed down to Murray Park for the big parade. Curtis got up really early and got a place on the parade route right up front. I don’t remember a time when I liked going to parades. The only fun thing about them is the candy they throw, which this year we got a lot. Aubrey is 3 years old so it’s easy to get her to jump, scream or most anything if she thinks that taffy will come of it. It worked for the most part. Mackenzie doesn’t seem to care for the parade. She just wanted to play with grandma.

Later in the day we went minigolfing. We took the kids a few months ago and since then every time we pass Muligans Aubrey shouts ‘I wanna go mini mini golfballing!’. This time we went and Aubrey and Mackenzie had a great time. Aubrey can now hit the ball, but not well. Mackenzie hasn’t worked it out yet and thinks it’s just easier to walk the ball to where you want it to be rather than hit it there. They were done playing by the 8th hole and the rest of the time Natalie and I played while the kids just ran around.

We returned home and did nothing for a few hours (which is my favorite thing to do). We then got ready to go see the fireworks show at Murray Park. The fireworks are always a spectacle. I now enjoy the big fireworks show more than doing our fireworks at the house. Curtis got there a few hours before show time and reserved a nice place at the front of the line. We were as close to the fireworks as anyone could get. I never realized that the sparkly fireworks sometimes get to the ground while still burning. The show lasted a while and then we came home. The kids were out cold when we arrived home at midnight.