Las Vegas, a Mormon’s kind of town?

It’s about a 6 hour drive from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas. You might wonder why I would go to Las Vegas. As a Mormon (actual name: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) I’m not supposed to enjoy most the action in Las Vegas. I don’t drink, smoke, go to bars, waste money habitually, endorse adultery, or so many of the other activities that Las Vegas has to offer. I admit that I enjoy going to the buffets and playing 1 or 2 games of Kino. While I’m walking through the casino I might throw a quarter in one of the machines, but that’s about it. I know it’s the stupidest thing I can do with my money… and I have no justification for it other than I find it entertaining.

We’ve (Natalie and I) been going to Las Vegas for a long time now. I think the first time we went down together was when we would go down to St. George with Natalie’s parents. We would visit a buffet at the Golden Nugget. Natalie’s parents would get the shrimp cocktail. I tried it the first time. It reminded me of all the reasons I hate seafood. Over the next few years our trips to Las Vegas were fairly frequent. We would always go down with a group of friends and have a great time.

So, how does a Mormon have a good time in Vegas? The strip is full of fascinating places beyond the casinos. The Coca Cola Factory is fun, it’s got a lift to the top where you get to sample all sorts of drinks that the Coca Cola company makes from around the world. There are a couple of Cirque Du Soleil shows in Vegas. I’ve now seen three shows total. 1 in Vegas, 1 in Orlando and the last was in California I think. New York New York has a fun roller coaster, in fact most the casino’s have more than just the casino area. There’s a ton of shopping, if you’re into that. Fun restaurants are everywhere and just the town is fun – at least the strip. I like going to the buffets. The Rio has a great buffet.

Outside of the strip the town is fairly normal. In fact, according to my uncle Mike who lived there for most the time I knew him, it’s the second largest Mormon populated city. I have nothing to prove or disprove this, so I’m choosing to believe it. Especially since Mormons founded the town (kind of ironic, huh?).

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