My Bowling Failures Are Not My Fault. I’m Really Good!!

I gave my old 16 pound bowling ball to my father-in-law because the holes were too big and I wanted a more controllable 14 pound ball. There’s a company in Logan, Storm, that makes a good ball so I went to my favourite pro-shop and got my new ball. The ball is nice with a marble texture and it’s aerodynamic in it’s roundness, the colours are shiny and marbly, and the finger holes double as speed holes (you have to be a Simpson’s fan to get that one).

A long time ago I learned to put a curve on the ball to get it to go right in the pocket to the right of the front pin and make such a perfect strike. I have a long way to go before I perfect the technique, but at least I know how to do it. So I took my new ball to a nice bowling alley and tried it out. I was playing with a bunch of novice bowlers who throw the ball straight, no curve, no style, no magic. I can say that because there’s a chance they’ll read this and I like starting lame arguments, it goes along with why I give Apple users a hard time. I used my skilled curve to get the ball to fall into the pocket. My ball hit the pocket once, maybe twice the entire night. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it to land right. I paid a lot of money for a reactive ball to make the curve just right and it would barely curve. I don’t think I can blame the ball entirely, or the user for that matter. The lanes were those of a night club/bowling alley. I doubt the 16 year old kid that oils the lanes understands the importance of the oil. The lanes are 60 feet and the oil should stop at around 40 feet. I swear they oiled the lanes the full distance. That leaves no break point! At the end of the game I had done awful. I need to find a smoky run down lane, I think that’s the only place I’m going to get a lane that’s run by someone who knows what they are doing.

In other excitement with my life my new job is going great. My employer is fantastic. My greatest fear is that I’m not doing enough fast enough. But they keep getting projects that are never ending projects. Most of those are cleaned up though. Another thing that’s awesome about my position at my company is that I can work when I want, meaning if I need to complete some work at home I can. I know it sounds stupid to want to work more than is required by the hours but I like doing the job until the job is complete, not until I’ve met my required hours. I also dont think its fair that my company needs to pay me more just because I’m not as fast as I could be, so I’m think its awesome that they put me on salary. Perhaps if my last work trusted the employees like my current work does they wouldn’t have run into the problems they did. Of course I knew many employees that were there to take advantage of the system. One person even made up stories about being sick so they could work from home. The problem was they did no work when they were home, but they demanded payment anyway.