I Was Not Invited To The BBQ, So I Made My Own!!!

I have a friend that had a BBQ last night, which I was not invited to! So in retaliation I had my own BBQ. Now, I’m not one of those fancy East-siders so I didn’t have anything special, like table cloths or guests, but I managed to have a good time anyway. It was just Natalie, my girls and I tonight, and my family doesn’t count since Natalie doesn’t eat meat (she believes the spirits of the animals will come back to eat her) and my girls split 1 hamburger, ate 5 bites and ran out to play with their friends without caring how incredible the hamburger was.

Royal Red Robin BurgerA while back I had this hamburger from Red Robin called the Royal Red Robin Burger. It was the best burger I had ever had in my life. They put a fried egg right in the middle of it. I wouldn’t have thought of putting a fried egg in it, but it was amazing!! I was that happiest man ever with that burger (it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy) until I got home and checked the Weight Watcher points. I was following the plan at that time and that one burger covered all my points for the entire day! That’s off topic…

The menu tonight was hamburgers (the pictures should have tipped you off on this), because I love a good burger. I don’t ever know what all I’m going to put in my burgers until I start making them, but I know the basics, which is really just the meat and Worcestershire Sauce. The last time I was experimenting with hamburgers I tried adding feta cheese to the meat and it was amazing. Today as I was at the store to get the feta I saw bleu cheese sitting there and decided to go with that instead. So, to start with I got the hamburger meat, bleu cheese and Worcestershire Sauce. My friend might have something to argue with here since I refuse to eat mushrooms because they’re gross and a fungus, but I’ll eat bleu cheese, which is essentially moldy cheese. I went through my cupboard and found a some other items I could add in the meat, but I don’t remember what I grabbed. One trick that I picked up a long time ago that helps to hold the burger together, oatmeal. I think the oatmeal adds body to the burgers and just makes them all that much better.

Bleu Cheese BurgerYou know what does NOT go on a burger, or anything: ketchup. Ketchup doesn’t go on fries, eggs, hamburgers, hot dogs, or meat loaf. Ketchup doesn’t go on ANYTHING. For my burgers, in the future I think I’m going to try adding sour cream in the meat. The Sour Cream Burger – sounds tempting doesn’t it? I’ll keep my eye’s open for other stuff I could try, like onion dip mix (the package says it’s good).

What I ended up with tonight was beautiful, a Bleu Cheese burger that was so good! I ended up with 5 perfect burgers and only myself to enjoy them. I even grilled onions for my private BBQ. After that I came down to my basement and wrote a blog about it while watching movies on my computer. Have you ever read a blog about a dude with a more exciting life that this?! I made a hamburger than I wrote a blog about it. Although, it was a burger worth writing about. Too bad I was the only one there to enjoy it.