Salt Lake 5k (I don’t do marathons)

Next week is the Salt Lake 5k. I’ve made my best efforts to run the race every year for the last few years, except last year. Before that I missed it the year we went to New York. I could have made that race but the in-laws wouldn’t let me for fear that I would miss the plane. Instead I got to wait in an empty airport for 2 hours…

I’m not completely ready for this coming up 5k. I’ve tried to run around the lake but the weather keeps getting cold and I’ve been working long days and continuing work when I get home with a big project. I’m hoping to be ready for the Susan Komen race in a month. Today is a great day. I could go run today but instead I’m in my basement coding. I’ve almost got the project done and it’s one of the coolest projects I’ve done. Now I’m just working on making it flashier and stylish.

When I first got into running I thought it would be awesome and I would love it. I had a few friends together and we would run up City Creek Canyon. After a while my knee started hurting pretty bad. I got a brace and that helped but ultimately I decided to start running around Liberty Park instead. I miss that park. I’ve tried to run the treadmills a few times. A treadmill is no comparison to the road. I could run fairly decent on the treadmill and once I hit the road it’s like I’ve never run before. Our lake is 3.2 miles around. It’s perfect for training a 5k. The only issue is that they don’t plow the walks in the winter. They claim that it makes good cross-country skiing. The fact is that they don’t want to spend the cash for the plow – and I’m fine with that since I would be paying it.

It seems that I’m just rambling and I’ve got clan bills to pay.