Stop Paying Less

So, I took a two year sabbatical and it turns out I’m just as opinionated as I was 2 years ago. I was thinking about how much I despise WalMart the other day and I’ve determined (without any evidence or facts to back up my claim) that it’s the WalMart mentality of paying lower prices every day that is one of the huge issues with the WORLD!. There’s an article I read a few years ago that talks about pickles and WalMart. I can’t remember where I found the article that I originally read but I found THIS ARTICLE which is then backed up by THIS ARTICLE that references the same thing. Basically, the article talks about how the quest for finding the lowest prices is what causes jobs to leave the country. Did you know that since 2001 the United States has lost over 42,000 factories? I read it online so I’m assuming there’s some truth to it.

Enough with pseudo facts and partial evidence, the point of this post is my curiosity concerning our drive to pay the lowest prices possible and if doing so is what causes constant state of the nation to decline. Wouldn’t it help everyone out if we just spent a little bit more for the stuff we bought in order to keep the factories open? Who needs a years supply of pickles anyway? If you’re buying those pickles, would you really care if you paid $3.00 vs $7.00? They’ll last you a YEAR! Lets just not focus on paying the lowest price and instead focus on paying what the value of the product is. Maybe if everything is fair for everyone, things can work out a bit better. Besides, I’ll bet there is a direct correlation between WalMarts success and the national deficit.

This might be the dumbest thing I’ve written on yet. It’s been 2 years OK? I’ll try to come up with something better with my next article. I’m thinking of writing about how awesome the atonement is.