Stop Spreading The Rumors, I Don’t Care Any Longer!

I’ve always had a habit of assuming the worst of a situation. For example, If my credit card statement is more than I think it should be than naturally someone stole my identity and charged up a ton of small priced frivolous items from stores that I frequently shop at. I’ve never had my identity stolen that I know of. The charges are always legit, I just didn’t notice how quickly my purchases were adding up. My point is that there are many times that we see or hear one thing and make quick assumptions that are unfounded and once the facts are uncovered it all makes a lot more sense.

I’m in a position at my work where I’m hearing a lot of rumors flying around. It’s getting very old to mind my own business and have people constantly tell me to leave the company. It’s not that I don’t like the people who tell me to leave but I have a faith that says I am where I’m supposed to be, along with everyone else. If I leave the company it will be when the time is right and not a second before. The fact is the company is a good company that is being run in the best manner possible given the conditions. Unfortunately the situation the company is in has hit a lot of people pretty hard. I understand the desire to strike out against those whom you feel offended you but in this case, fighting the company won’t help anyone.

I was fired once. I spent at least a year wishing the company would burn to the ground. I still have resentful feelings for the company and the person who fired me doesn’t even work there any longer. What I’m still trying to grasp is the idea that I ended up somewhere better than I was before. I have more opportunities now and I’m in a better position in life. As far as I know everyone who left my company either willingly or not so willingly is also in a better position. So why fight the company that is doing it’s best to get caught up on what everyone else wants? It seems counter-intuitive to me.

The rumors that are being spread are either completely false or else the facts behind them are misleading and therefore misunderstood. I don’t feel like going into the rumors that I’ve heard here or I’d just be perpetuating the issues. I feel it’s enough to state that the rumors are demoralizing and destructive and hurting those who are still trying to make it all work out.