Thanksgiving of all days

You heard me. Today is Thanksgiving 2009. I’ve not reported lately because there’s not much to report. Last week I had the opportunity to go to court to represent my work, Hit Web design, in a lawsuit that was just silly. The plaintiff was arguing that we did the work and it was right, but that we charged too much. When you agree to a price for a mod, you don’t go back once the work is done and demand a refund. In any case, HIT won with out even an argument. We have good employees that do a good job and take pride in their work. It’s sad that some customers simply demand to get a Porsche but expect to pay the Escort price, and when you give them exactly what they paid for (the Escort) they scream for not getting the Porsche. If you want a Porsche, pay for the Porsche.

We’re still in the air on whether we’re purchasing the new house. I’m saying that it’s not worth it. Natalie told the rep that we would not be buying the place, but that’s when the rep decided that we were buying it and now we’re waiting for him to make his move.

That’s the extent of what’s going on with us and me.

Soon I’ll be going to my mothers for dinner with the family and you’ll hear from me soon enough.