Thanksgiving would be better with bacon

First of all, why isn’t bacon a traditional item at the Thanksgiving table? Lately I’ve seen ham worked onto the table, someone mentioned they do prime rib once and I have another friend who does chicken instead of turkey. If we’re going to mix it up, lets do it right. Next year I’m laying down bacon. I’ll have peppered bacon, brown sugar bacon, regular bacon, bacon bits (for the salad) and any other type of bacon I can think of – except the bacon roll, that just looks bad.

Enough about bacon, this past week was Thanksgiving week and I took it off work. In retrospect, I’m not sure if that was a good idea or not. Natalie might have liked me being off since I ended up doing a ton of babysitting for her while she did some errands. My hope this week was to get some work done on the other webpages that I run. I didn’t get very far with any of that. In fact, this article is the furthest I’ve gotten so far.

Aubrie had to get some fillings done and since she can’t sit still for the dentist she needed to be put out for the procedure. That’s really great since it costs me an extra $250. That happened on Monday. When she got home she wasn’t allowed to walk around for a while. She’s really an incredible little girl. Her ability to stay happy after the surgery, which included an IV, is amazing to me. I’ve never been put out before, so I really don’t know what it’s like. I have to assume that a 4 year old girl would find it a bit traumatizing.

Since I didn’t feel that I had spent enough at the dentist, I decided to get new tires for my Swagger Wagon. I love weekends like this. If I don’t get to drop over a grand than it’s a wasted weekend. So, now I’m on lock down with what I purchase, which came just in time for Black Friday (today). I went through all the ads, there’s nothing worth while to buy anyway. Anything I see that I want is something that I already have or don’t really need.

If you’re keeping track, we still have the kids. They got to go to their grandmothers for Thanksgiving while we went to my mothers. The food was great and the nap after was almost just as great. I did manage to limit how much I ate, which I haven’t tried to do before. This all led into today, the day to get ready for Christmas. The kids are putting up the tree as we speak, they might be done with it by now. Natalie came down to tell me how she was a genius for getting plastic ornaments instead of glass. I agree. In another 4-5 years though, we can have the fancy ornaments. It’s also getting time to put up the outside lights. Our neighbors place and ours are close enough together that we can extend the light betwixt the houses and it makes a very lovely canopy. When I get that done I’ll get some pictures and put up another post.