The Stupid Things We Say and The Stupider Ways We Hear Them

It’s my blog and I’ll say what I want to!

I’ve never grown up. This blog is proof of that. Have you ever had someone say something to you and even though you heard the exact words they said, when you took action (no matter how small the action) they go off on you and put you in your place because you got it wrong? As a dude it’s my obligation to take what was said as it was said. How can anyone expect me to see more than that in a direct comment?

I’ve got this really good friend from high school who I haven’t seen for the past 5 years. We went to lunch on Friday, which was awesome and it really was just like I was back at Skyline High. Last night this friend and her husband met us at the Olive Garden. We were there a long time and I really didn’t notice the time pass by. I didn’t even feel the need to draw back and cower from the social setting, which I generally do. In fact, I felt very much myself and the Zuppa Toscana was amazing as always. We stayed until almost closing time then headed home.

– side note, our baby sitter is awesome and the girls love her. Aubrey woke up asking if the sitter was here yet. I’m so glad she’s able and willing to watch the kids!

Other things that happened this week include working. I’m making more of an effort to get into my new position. I just need my current customers to realize that they have what they purchased. Why is that so hard? If you purchase a website and we give you a website why would you think you deserve a refund? Anyway, I think my company has a good plan for the future. We just need to focus on that plan.

What else is going on? Nothing. I really have nothing going on other than my friend who told me something that really wasn’t a big deal but it’s POSSIBLE that it could have been. What was said is not important, but I’m going to leave it open ended like that so you can make all the assumptions you like. You’ll find out what kind of person you are by what you come up with. How I acted, based on what I was told, was important. I can say that now because she can’t argue with me through my blog :). I didn’t even act badly. I just tried to gather more information about it and apparently I should have known that she didn’t mean what she said as it was said. There, that should make you really think the worst about what was said.

Can a dude and a chick be friends?

While I’m on the topic I’m curious about… ‘stuff’. I’ve known this person of whom I’m speaking, Suzanne, for about 20 years now. We’ve been very good friends all that time. So, the question is this: Can a guy like me, and a girl like Suzanne who have been friends forever continue to be friends after both of us are married (to other people)? Could we go to lunch or hang out at a park with just the two of us? If not, why not? We used to go to the movies and parks and just hang out and there was nothing hinky going on then. Could it be the same now? I’m asking because I’m curious what everyone else thinks of it. If Suzanne was a dude there would be no issues with it right? So what makes the difference?