Up, Mackenzie’s first movie

On Saturday June 20, 2009 Mackenzie saw her first movie. I’m a firm believer that no kids should ever be allowed in a theatre (theatre is not a typo, it’s how I roll). Kids ruin the experience and I don’t care how good your kid is in a theatre, if they enter the movie they ruin it for everyone else. This caused me even more annoyance when I found out that kids 2 and under were FREE! Kids 2 and under should be double the price.

Finally Mackenzie was 2 years old and though I had my doubts that she would make it through the show we decided to take her to the 11:30am show on a Saturday morning. The movie, Up, had been out for 3 weeks so there shouldn’t be too many people to annoy in the theatre. We reserved the front seats right next to the door, just in case there was a melt down. We also got a giant popcorn, but that was mostly for me.

We walked into the theatre to find it almost full of kids. Most the kids were Aubreys age but a few were just infants <rant: why do people take infants to theatres? Going to movies should not be more important than the health of your young childs hearing :end rant>. We sat down and almost immediately the movies started. Aubrey instantly put her hands over her ears. She’s never liked loud noises.

I’ll spare the details of the movie. I’ll just say that the movie is worth seeing. As for the kids, Aubrey eventually realized the movie was not as loud as the previews and put her hands down. Mackenzie sat through almost 10 minutes. She got up and moved to the end of the row we were on then stood next to the wall. She then walked around the corner, Natalie followed her – I ate my popcorn with Aubrey. Eventually Mackenzie came back and sat down with Natalie in the front section were there was nobody. Aubrey saw this and joined Natalie. Mackenzie had the entire row to walk up and down. From there on out everyone was fine, other than I ran out of popcorn before the show was over.