Weight Watchers and a Dance Performance!

I’ll preface this post by stating that not much of interest has happened this past week. However, I did get a few ads from Weight Watchers telling me that I should start their new Point Plus Program. They have a new weight loss program called Weight Watchers Points Plus Program that seems to be  a more balanced way to run the diet. Since I was impressed with the success of their last program and and I’ve been gaining weight since I canceled (thinking that I could do it with out them) I chose to take Weight Watchers up on their offer. So far, I’ve not seen any improvements, but then it’s only been 3 days. My only problem with the plan is that it wants me to diet and exercise. Why do all these radical weight loss programs involve diet and exercise? I just want a pill to do the work for me. I asked a friend who is graduating as a pharmacist (an odd choice for a profession I think, but at least she knows what she wants) what pill I could take for weight loss, she recommended one and said that it should help to lose about 10 pounds a year. I can lose 10 pounds in 2 months if I really try, and that’s with no pills. Now I have to find a way to fit exercise in with my diet and I should be back on track in as little as 4 months – which is just in time for the Salt Lake 5K run that I’ve been doing for the past 5-6 years.

Aubrey at the Equestrian Center Dance Performance
Aubrey at the Equestrian Center Dance Performance

Last night and today my girls went to a dance performance at the Equestrian Center in South Jordan. There was a boutique going on and my girls were part of the entertainment. I have video of it that I’ll post later. My phone doesn’t take the right video types, but I can upload them to FaceBook, which I think I’ll do in a bit.

There wasn’t a lot of other stuff going on at the boutique so I’m pretty sure they bring the dancers in so that the parents have to come to shop around. It worked also, my wife bought some book and I signed up for another spam email. There was a marble toy that I wanted, but the boys would destroy it. They had a decent remote control car that the boys would love… and they would destroy that also. For Christmas the boys will be getting some nice gifts which will be nice for about 1 week then they’ll be partially borked. The following month will finish the toys off. As bad as it sounds I see no reason to spend any money on the boys unless it’s to buy them building blocks. I had Lincoln Logs when I was a kid and I had a fun enough time with them, and they don’t break easily. They just make a mess but it can be cleaned up quickly. All you child rights people can relax, the boys will be well taken care of this year, my wife and wallet has made sure of that.

They boys will get to see their mother this weekend. I’m taking this as a good sign. Hopefully they’re almost ready to get their kids back. Our home will be much quieter and there won’t be so many fights, but I’m sure I’ll be able to manage. The winter months are getting really annoying with the commute. Utah drivers always seem to forget how to drive in the snow for the first few snow falls. Last year during one drive to work I passed a luxury car (BMW I think) that couldn’t drive up a slight incline. It’s little things like that car getting stuck that bring smiles to my face. My little Corolla can make a drive that the overly expensive car can’t do. That’s probably just a biased from me, I can’t stand luxury cars. Hopefully this next week will give me something better to write about. Until then, bye.