Zions Camp 2006 … coming soon

My High Priests quorum decided to have an annual tradition of heading out into the wilderness and reliving the Zions Camp. We started this a few years ago. There are only a few differences from our Zions Camp to the original Zions Camp. First, we don’t have horses. Second, we have no plans to fight for our brothers.

What we do have is a great time camping. Our first camp was in the mountains by a lake, though I can’t remember which lake at this time. A great guy named Eric Johnson brought his kayaks and I brought my Jungle Hammock. The food was great, the company was great. We had a fireside devotional that was great, it’s what it’s all about really. The man who organized this is Bob Brown. He was my old High Priest quorum group leader. Bob is one of the finest men around.

The first year went so well we did it again the next year. This next year took us out to the desert to a place called Horse Shoe Springs. As a scout my troop and I would go out to Horse Shoe Springs for camps a lot. There area is nice and deserty. My good friend Ben would spend all day catching lizards and snakes while I would watch and act like I was interested. I was not interested, but it was something to do. Camping is on the east side of the road behind a large hill. The springs are on the west side of the road. At night you can play commando, which is simply Hide and Seek in the dark with an extra objective to get back to base camp without being detected. If you choose to bring your gun there’s nothing to stop you from firing away. Our second camp was a great success as well. I moved from the ward before the third camp and this year I don’t know if there will be a camp since Bob is no longer in that position.

These Zion Camps are a fantastic way to get away with the group and spend time getting to know each other. You really don’t get to know the people you are with until you meet them outside of their normal environment. I hope to one day start these up in a future ward, maybe the ward I’m in now. Maybe someone here likes camping as much as I do. I know that Keith, my home teaching companion, likes it.

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