Distant Cousins and my Neighbor

Last weekend I was on Facebook and I added my neighbor, Kari, to my friends. Kari accepted my friendship and when looking at the friends we had in common (expecting only to find ward members) I saw that she had my cousin Monty on her list. Monty lives in Las Vegas so I was curious as to what was going on here. I sent Kari a message asking how she knew my cousin and she responded with a “What do you mean ‘your cousin’? He’s my cousin”. It turns out that Kari is Monty’s cousin on his mothers side and I’m the cousin on the fathers side. It’s a small world!

Since then I’ve been trying to think of anything lame that I’ve done around Kari that might get back to Monty. I think I’m safe, but I’ll probably never know. It’s like I’ve met a long lost family member that I never knew existed.

On another note, my leg is getting much, much better. The redness and pain are gone but the swelling still keeps me out of wearing my shoes normal. I’ve recently found a new music group called Bat For Lashes that I can’t stop listening to. I haven’t bought their album yet but I really want to.

That ends the relavant content for ‘new’ stuff of the week. bye.