Hot Sauce: Prevents the Cold, The Flu and Bland Taste!

I’ve never been one to get sick easily. However, every year during the winter months I would get a cold that would last for at least a month. My annual Cold was never bad enough to shut me down or cause me to miss work, but I would prefer to simply not get sick if I could avoid it. The year before last I even came down with the Flu, which I’m confident led to me getting Cellulitis. If you don’t know what cellulitis is, it sucks. Don’t get it. It took about 6 months for my leg to not be so swollen and about a year for the remaining traces to be gone. Don’t even mention the Flu shot to me. The entire things a scam built by crooked thieves just looking to get rich. I know people who get the flu with the shot or not. You’re rolling the dice either way so I say save your money.

I deal with being sick in a way that is either pure genius or stupid; I pretend to not be sick. If I can get up and walk around, I will. I have to work, so I go to work. My co-workers get mad at me for bringing the cold into work, but I get my job done! If the Dudes I work with don’t want to get sick than they don’t need to be near me. Besides, it was probably one of them that got me sick in the first place so all I’m doing is returning the favor. If I am you and I don’t want to get sick, I would suggest not going near someone who’s sick. That’s just dumb. Don’t blame the sick person, you’re the one who went near them.

Tabasco Pepper SauceLast year I wanted to try an experiment. I grabbed a bottle of Tabasco Sauce and I proceeded to put it on everything. I put it on my Wheat Thins, I put it on my noodle salad, I put it on just about anything that looked like it might be better if it was spicy (which is just about everything). I had a constant hot sauce buzz. My role model was that guy on that Tabasco Sauce commercial from the Super Bowl a few years ago. You know the Tabasco commercial I’m talking about right? If this blog is working right you can watch it up near the top. It’s the only Tabasco commercial I’ve ever seen and it’s probably the most memorable commercial I can think of, even more so than those Budweiser commercials with the frogs, which I never understood. The Tabasco commercial is easily a contender for the Old Spice commercial… <sidenote>now that I’m thinking of it, my next topic is going to be on awesome commercials.</sidenote>.

I lost track. My point is that last winter I don’t remember getting sick, not even for one day. I was actually paying attention and I kept looking for the moment that my annual Cold kicked in. It never came and I just kept on dumping the Tabasco on everything. So, my hypothesis is that the Tabasco Pepper Sauce is what prevented me from getting the cold. That’s even better than those nasal sprays that promise to make the cold not last as long. My Tabasco Pepper Sauce prevented me from ever getting the cold. That’s awesome! I also haven’t been sick throughout this entire summer either.

Cholula Hot SauceI was at the Costco the other week and they had this deal on Cholula. I hadn’t tried Cholula before, but it seemed worth it. The price was less than Tabasco and I got 2 huge bottles! So the other day I ran out of Tabasco. I made an omelet and poured on the Cholula. I’m sad to say, but I like the taste of the Cholula more than Tabasco :(. I still love Tabasco and I’ll never turn my back on my Tabasco, but I have to give credit to Cholula for their awesome Hot Sauce! I’m wondering if part of the credit for Cholula being so awesome is that it seems to be a product of the Jose Cuervo team.

Anyway, I’ll continue putting my Cholula on everything (it even goes good on peanut butter sandwiches!) throughout this next year and I’ll keep watching for any illnesses. If I get sick than it’s not a perfect prevention, but it’s a lot better than nothing!