Salt Lake 5k – revisited

Salt Lake 5K Run
Me at the race – it's a sample image, but I'm not chump enough to buy it.

It’s a week since the Salt Lake 5k. I managed to not come in last. My time is 35 minutes flat, which works out to be 11ish minute miles. Have I mentioned I’m not a runner? In fact I can’t stand running. I also can’t stand going to the gym or doing any kind of work out routine. This has not stopped me from continuing to run around the lake. What does stop me is the weather, which has been nice lately – but I’m not here to talk about the weather.

DP ran the 5k with me. Every year we run it we start out together then I get ahead and run as far as I can then I need to slow down and start walking. From that point I run some then walk some. DP, on the other hand, runs the entire distance. It’s a very slow run, but the actions are the same. I’ve managed to come in before him every year that I can remember. This year I came in 3 1/2 minutes before him. My point is, why run?

I’ll continue to run around the lake as there are a few more 5k’s coming up this year. The Susan Komen race is in a few weeks. Daybreak has their own 5k at the end of the summer. This October is an undead race. The race is for zombies or survivors. The survivors get a 1 minute head start, then come the zombies. It sounds so incredibly awesome! I don’t know what I should be. My inclination is to be a survivor because I refuse to dress up. However, all the fast racers are going to be zombies because they know they’ll be able to catch up with the survivors and eat them. I actually don’t know what happens if the zombies catch the survivors. I have a few more months to get ready for the race. If I keep up the lake training I’ll be a survivor.

In other events of the week, I replaced the lock on the back hatch of my Escape yesterday. I love my Escape, but why did Ford design it with only 1 keyhole? It should have a keyhole on the drivers door, the passenger door and the back hatch. I’m also about done with the project that I’ve been working on. I would have been done a long time ago but 11 hour days at work haven’t given me much time to do more work at home.